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Custom Cookies and Sets

We all have had those moments when we just need a cookie shaped like a latte...or a baby rattle... or a sailboat. And for those people that haven't (cave people), you will be the one to show them the light. For all of your holiday and event needs, check out our gallery below for pre-order cookies and sets OR click the button below to send over a custom inquiry


Pre-Order Menu Pricing

*Pre-Order Cookies are cookies specifically sold in sets of one, two, or three cookies that are decided by Baker of Black Rock. They cannot be changed or modified in any way, and may only be available at various times throughout the year such as holidays or seasonal events. Scroll down for more information about ordering custom cookies.

Custom Cookie Pricing

Custom cookies begin at certain base rates for non elaborate designs. Prices will increase with jerseys, logos, intricate coloring and lettering, and/or metallics. Custom cookies of regular or large sizing have a two dozen cookie minimum of the same theme. Mini cookies have a 3 dozen cookie minimum requirement of the same theme. When inquiring about availability and your custom design, please be as specific about your design as possible in order for us to give you the most accurate estimate of the pricing for the cookies you had in mind.  Below, you will find our base pricing for custom orders. Again, these are simply base prices and are not guaranteed to be the final price for your custom order. 

LG (6")-- $144.00/dozen, $6.00 ea additional cookie

REG (3.5"-4")-- $120.00/ 2 dozen, $5.00 ea additional cookie***

Mini (2")- $90.00/ 3 dozen, $3.50 ea additional cookie

***most common size